We offer Landscape Maintenance to residential and commercial properties. Contracts usually begin April 1st and continue through November 15th and include the following:

Mowing - Mowing should be done on a weekly basis, depending on conditions. Pattern should be alternated each week to prevent grass from laying over. Clippings should be recycled back into the lawn when possible. When excess clippings are present, they should be removed. Line trimming should be done in a manor as to not scalp lawn.

Pruning - Pruning of shrubs and groundcover is done to maintenance the height and shape of the plant.

Edging and Cultivating - Edging is done around bed lines and tree rings to prevent encroachment of grass into mulched areas as well as paved surfaces. This is also an aesthetic improvement to the landscape. Cultivating is done in mulch  or soil beds to encourage air movement into the soil, turn weeds over and refresh the mulch for aesthetic purposes.

Weeding - The weeding of shrub beds, tree rings and hard surfaces can be done either by mechanical means of hand pulling or cultivating, as well as chemical, such as pre-emergent chemicals. With any chemical, control care should be taken to avoid contact with desirable plants.

Lawn Fertilizer - Fertilizer is key to keeping turf healthy. We recommend granular slow release  fertilizer which is broken down to feed lawn over a period of time; at least three applications are encouraged.

Weed Control - Weed control in the lawn is also critical in keeping turf healthy. We recommend a liquid application, which can be absorbed quickly for faster knock down of undesirable weeds.

For a detailed listing of when services are provided, please see our calendar below:

Standard Operation Calendar




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