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Serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Brick Pavers
Creekside specializes in Brick Paver work. We will gladly help you design & build your next Brick Paver project. From small stoops, medium sized walkways & patios, to large driveways, we do it all!
Along with Brick Paving Creekside can also design & build custom stone walking paths, steps, and fireplaces. Contact us today with your project ideas. No stonework is too big or too small for Creekside.
Retaining Walls
Are you looking to spruce up your landscaping, add some style to your flower garden, or to incorporate a pond or waterfall into your landscape? One of the best ways to do any of these is by adding retaining walls to your landscape. Creekside can design & build the perfect retaining walls to suit your needs. See some of our custom designs below and contact us today for a quote.