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Serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Depending on conditions, mowing should be done on a weekly basis. The mowing pattern should be alternated each week to prevent grass from laying over. Clippings should be recycled back into the lawn when possible. When excess clippings are present they should be removed. Line trimming should be done in a manner as to not scalp the lawn.
Pruning is done to remove parts of the plant that are no longer useful. There are many reasons why these parts may no longer benefit the plant. Some are functional and others will improve the health of the plant. Other reasons are purely aesthetic and will enhance or change the look of the plant. Either way pruning can be a form of art if it is done well and results in a healthier, more attractive specimen.
Edging & Cultivating
Edging is done around bedlines and tree rings to prevent encroachment of grass into mulched areas as well as paved surfaces. This is also an aesthetic improvement to the landscape. Cultivating is done in mulch or soil beds to encourage air movement into the soil, turn weeds over and refresh the mulch for aesthetic purposes.
The weeding of shrub beds, tree rings, and hard surfaces can be done either by mechanical means of hand pulling or cultivating, as well as chemical, such as pre-emergent chemicals. With any chemical, care should be taken to avoid contact with desirable plants.
Lawn Fertilizer
Fertilizer is key to keeping turf healthy. We recommend a granular slow release fertilizer, which is broken down to feed lawn over a period of time; at least three applications are encouraged.